Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twelve Days Of Foil

I have mentioned that I'd bought the hot foiling kit from Papermania some weeks back and once the initial novelty had worn off, I started to dislike how narrow the sheets were, I knew I could get something similar from crafty computer paper so I took advantage of their free p&p weekend and purchased gold, silver & copper. The drawback to these sheets is they are designed to be used with a laser printer or photocopier so I had to print the items I wanted off at work (shh!). I had seen a design using the lyrics from the Twelve Days Of Christmas to form a basic tree and as I absolutely love words, I had to give it a go! Its not easy when you haven't got any decent design software to hand, let me assure you, but I just about fudged these in Word. So the method is pretty straight forward, lay the sheets face up over your image, protect with another sheet of scrap paper and run through the laminator (not sure I've actually laminated anything in this yet, lol). Pull the foil sheet carefully off the original image and hey presto foiled lettering! And just as great, the sheet you pull off gives you a fairly perfect negative of the image so I tried placing it over a brightly coloured sheet of paper (see left) and I think it works pretty well!

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