Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOYWW - Slow n steady wins the race

I'm conscious of how often I use the word bombsite but I really do have a talent for making a mess. Last month or so I've been furiously attempting to fill up my stocks in preparation for my first craft fair next month but I seem to have slowed down considerably in the last week! I also have mutiny on the craft robo front, he's chewing up almost everything at the mo, wasting card left, right n centre :( So after two hours in here last night I only produced one card but I'd better not show it to u cos it is still only September and some of you might get an attack of the vapours!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kiss Me Quick

I'm so glad Lucy Abrams has picked up her blogging again as I find her work so inspirational and she stops me feeling guilty bout using computer generated embellishments (I dunno, somehow it feels like a cop-out but I think I owe this all-consuming hobby to the digital crafting world so go figure!)

She made clever use of a recent Hero Arts digikit release that was actually autumn themed (I.e leaves) but she went down the xmas route instead and created this:

Which I thought was such a great idea I literally ran home (well ok maybe not literally!) and made these tags:

The 'berries' are homemade card candy using scrap card with liberally applied versamark and pearl embossing powder stuck down with rolled up glue dots. There are five of them tied together here, thats not a huge ribbon embellishment!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Knees Up

Not only have I not been blogging lately, it seems I haven’t actually photographed any of my creations! So here’s a quick post about a get well soon card commissioned by my main customer for a knee operation patient:
It took a bit of faffing (and swearing at the printer) but I was pretty chuffed with how Robo Cop cut these crutches out in the end… and look how CAS it is!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Christmas In July

Edited to add: Yes I did make these in July, somehow this post never got uploaded, oops!

I heard a DJ exclaiming over the ridiculousness of shops and restaurants already looking toward Christmas, taking bookings putting out merchandise etc. I was very tempted to text in and explain that in papercrafting circles Christmas in July is pretty much a staple and I’m afraid I’ve kind of jumped on the bandwagon this year as it dawned on me not so long ago that, as December is one of the busiest months in our family for birthdays and how much effort it takes to craft on the dark wintery nights, perhaps some forward planning would be sensible…? Yes you heard it sensible! Who’d’ve thought it? Am I getting old? Mostly I was inspired by this layout which I pinched from Therese Calvird at Lostinpaper:
which just shouted out to be recreated with snowflakes so I made these:
LetItSnowYellow LetItSnowLime
with my new Waltzingmouse stamps. Am I finally succumbing to a stamping addiction cos I really wanna go back and buy some of their frame sets… even tho I don’t own any nesties or even a manual die cutter!