Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Morning WOYWWers, r we well?

Last time I joined your party, I was preparing for my first ever craft fair and I think… it… went… ok…! It wasn’t earth shattering but it wasn’t as boring as I thought it might be!

Since then, I’m afraid I’ve hardly done anything! As my desk is testament:


I’ve been a naughty jodpea, I’ve been buying this week – now I just need to actually use the stuff! And yes that is a pair of orange tights  - make your own jokes!

If you look back at my last few posts you can see a selection of the things I made for the fair - n there’s more to come! (Is that a threat or a promise?!)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shine & Shadow

Some more examples of the work I completed for the fair. I know I don’t really use my alcohol inks to their full potential but man, I love the effect of them on miri card! I had some of these cards lined up on the desk while I was making them and when they caught the light from the window they really shone!




I do intend to make some more of these so if anyone has any suggestions on a ‘skyline’ to use, I’m all ears…!