Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've found yet another website to break the bank (I'm such a liar, its really cheap!) and its all Sarah Stressed Stamper's fault cos I loved the background to her blog n tried to find out where it was from... my search led me to Design House Digital and the 'Happier' collection by Deena Rutter which by this point (n for a bargain price of about £3) I just had to buy! Oddly the pages are sold as 12 x 12, which I spose is intended for digital scrapbooking but sure makes for interesting working-how-to-print-out-ing!

Its a bit hard to tell from the pic but this was an triple aperture card that I covered with the Happier paper, I backed the apertures with a dotted design included in the set n I bought the accompanying PNGs which I promptly converted into something "RoboCop" as my mom calls it could cut out... it did say Happy Bird-Day in the bottom right hand corner but *note to self* rub ons come off when u run a hot iron over them... oh well this crafting lark in a learning curve, yeah?

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