Monday, April 06, 2015

Experiments In Time & Space

Anybody that knows me in real life knows I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and one unremarkable morning, I was lying in bed daydreaming about the cards I could make that day when this idea leapt into my head: why not use my WOW! Melt It Powder in the Doctor Who themed chocolate moulds we bought a while back from Lakeland and try and make a little TARDIS to stick to a card?

Well, I spent a fair bit of time experimenting to get the effect I wanted, reminding myself how the melt it powder worked and trying to add colour to it -  I ended up adding drops of distress ink into the molten powder and I had to experiment with how much to add as it immediately congealed. At one point I was really wishing for a Bunsen burner or at the very least a tripod like we used to have at school to stand the heat tool in! I improvised with a jar:


I originally wanted to make two and stick them back to back but it was difficult to get them smooth enough and even when I did manage to get a pair together, it was way too large for a single embellishment so I kept to one and worked to make the back as flat as possible.

I had also considered adding it to the card via string to enable it to be “flying” through time and space but this proved too difficult so I made an aperture in the card, sandwiched sequins and stars between two pieces of acetate and glue dotted the TARDIS at a jaunty angle!


The next morning, I got to my desk and it had fallen off… so I stuck it down with glue gun glue this time! I inked up a panel for the front and am still trying to decide what sentiment to use so here it is in its almost finished glory:



If anyone wants to chime in with an appropriate sentiment, feel free…

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