Friday, April 03, 2015

An Orange Coloured Day

Forty Orange

Shaker cards are all the rage, huh? Well they were just starting almost twelve months ago when I made this card! I’d read a blog post by the esteemed Aimes Gray (of course then she was still a Wanford) which suggested funky foam as a filler for shaker cards, instead of using tons of foam squares – genius, right? She was the first person I saw using it but of course its become de rigeur since then!

These papers are from the huge pile of 6x6 paper I seem to have collected, I’m fairly sure the flowers are My Minds Eye but I don’t know about the orange.. what I do know is that after trying just about every piece of paper behind the window I decided I needed the same pattern as the outside but I didn't have enough left *gasp* …so I scanned the small scrap I hadn't stuck down on to my computer, duplicated it ‘til it was big enough and printed it out myself! Resourceful, huh?

I made another card just like this a week later for a guy turning forty – but I cant find the photos… it was blue, I seem to remember…

Thanks For Looking

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