Thursday, January 31, 2013

WOYWW 191: Hercules Would Be Proud!

Rather late to the party today but I just wanted to share with you the results of my latest herculean task. If you have ever wondered, this is what 90 wedding invitations look like:


Thankfully these evening ones were easier than the day ones but I was very glad to say “finished!”

Happy WOYWW, peeps. Use the link on the side bar to visit our lovely leader Julia.


  1. Hello there, missus!! How lovely to see you again! And you are either brave or mad to take on 90 invitations :)
    LLJ xxxx

  2. Oh.


    THAT is amazing!!!!!!!

    So two of our sons are getting married, one in April and one in June--but my in-laws have a print shop, so they're making the invites!

    late again to the party,
    #163--but not last this week!
    Happy WOYWW!!

  3. O my goodness!!! that is impressive! and very pretty colours. Is this the wedding theme colour and if so when is it?

  4. Oh well done probably know that I don't do these anymore..the repetition is too much for my brain! It's a lot of work, so I totally ge that if 90 invitations looks like a bundle on a desk, it represents a significant portion of your life really! Wonderful colour, bet the couple will be chuffed to pieces with your works.

  5. Hi Jody I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for the info. :)