Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Even Superheroes Need To Tell The Time!

Back in 2011, I decorated a clock for the son of my best friend to the theme of his then newly decorated bedroom. Well, since then his room has acquired another occupant in the shape of his lil brother and both of them have acquired a penchant for Super Heroes, so here is this years commission:
The base is another cheap clock from B&M – and I have learned from last time that removing the hands wasn’t helpful to the mechanics so I tried to design this one around the hands. I had been asked for it to reflect the two favourite characters so I decided to ‘split’ the sky, a dark tone for Batman and a lighter sky for Spiderman, with splatters of silver spray ink to mimic stars and hopefully tie the two together.
I was concerned about adding any kind of 3D element that would potentially interfere with the hands so I came up with the idea of adding the characters on acetate…for want of a better word ‘springs’:
So they sort of look as if they are flying/swinging high above the city skyline and they move in any available breeze – just got to work out a way to wrap it now!

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