Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Looking through my photos, there seems to be quite a few projects I never got around to blogging about. The following was inspired by a gingerbread house Betsy Veldman created – a quick search of the net yielded an easy house template which of course I translated into Robo Cop (might as well use him!) and Halloween-ified:
HalloweenHouse HalloweenHouse (2)

I put some sweets in and sold them at the Essington Fruit Farm Craft Fair in October – and as I haven’t blogged about that either, here are the pics of our stall, featuring the lovely Loraine :
FruitFarm2012 (2)
We did pretty well but it was blumming freezing and the heavens opened about half way through the day! Didnt deter the crowds tho, good old hardy Midlanders!

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