Monday, June 06, 2011

My First Marathon...

...and the only kind I will ever take part in! Theres a line in 'The Faculty' about only running when somebody is chasing ya but I'm not sure I'd do it even then!

So this Saturday I took myself off to Tidworth, Hampshire (just a few miles away from home, like) to take part in the 2 Scrap Ladies Midsummer Madness Card Marathon, and met the incomparable Julia & Ally and their team of elves who all helped the make the day run smoothly (cracking cous cous, Jan!) and managed to make fourteen cards - which I think is the most I've made in a month!

25 fabulous designs to choose from and - who'd've thought it - not enough hours in the day. but I'm chuffed with the ones I did manage to complete and maybe you'll let me share a few of em with y'here...


  1. Oh those are lovely, like the tree best out of these two, cant wait to see the other 12.

  2. No pressure to finish em then, lol