Thursday, November 18, 2010


Geez, so much for turning over a new leaf and keeping this blogging malarkey up to date, how has it been a fortnight since I even thought about posting never mind actually pulled my finger out. Well, I am a victim of a grand imagination, I have spent hours poring over (mostly American, actually) blogs with all these fabulous ideas that make me go "oooh I could do that for so-n-so!" n the list of potentially handcrafted christmas presents grows ever longer... And will they be appreciated as much as I hope - doubtful! Will I even be happy with the finished results? - has Hell frozen over?!

I must make a special mention of Helen at Its All Fiddle Fart who I think is a kindred soul, only much more motivated - she actually knuckles down n does things instead of jus thinking about it! N she manages to find bargains in Hobbycraft too? How? I never can! I always come out (if I can find the way out!) muttering under my breath about something or other, I really dislike how they've laid it out now... Don't get on ur soap box, Jode!

So anyway, I don't have anything in any kind of finished state to share, hence the generic image, but I will... or I'll hide in a cupboard til xmas is over n hope my relatives forget about me (lets face it, theres seven grandchildren now, I won't be missed!)

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