Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Put Ur Behind In The Past

Can't remember where I first saw this design now but I immediately thought it was ace! Racked my brains for an occasion to make it - don't really have any female friends or family with a penchant for underwear (or shoes or handbags as a lot of designs out there are aimed, or maybe its just my disinterest colouring my creativity?) and altho it was suggested the bra and pants version would be good for a guy, I don't really feel comfortable presenting that to any of my male friends! So anyway I decided to err on the side of more masculine pants  - do u know they don't have male models on the M&S website anymore?! How rude! - and then the comedy edge came in when I found this paper in my stash (a freebie download from an old Papercraft Inspirations magazine). I covered the cheeks with pink paper, made the sentiment on Microsoft Word and cut it out with nestabilities. I designed the insert in photoshop, manipulating a clipart washing line and finishing the sentiment off with " put all your other birthdays BEHIND you!"

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