Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take The Plunge

A commission from a work colleague got the creative juices flowing back in December and i knew just what I wanted to do…
Trev_inside2 An alcohol fuelled conversation between the colleagues had resulted in the birthday boy promising to complete a sky dive in 2014. So I was asked to create a sky diving themed card with very little notice! I used the HA Silly Scape digi stamp to create a skyline on the front to give the airplane something to fly over. Then i messed about – for hours! – trying to remember how to create the twisting pop-up mechanism I’ve used before (but don't seem to have photographed!)

I initially cut the five people out in a ring but when it came to assemble the card, they were too big and prevented it from closing so I chopped them up and spread them out a bit. The map is a page from an old atlas.
The twisting effect is lost a little but the design had the overall impact I was after so, I think it was a success…
And if you are concerned for my colleague, this is not the first crazy idea he has had! These was taken at the subsequent birthday party:
“Don’t have nightmares!”

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  1. OMG Does Trevor know you've put these photo's on your blog?! So funny. Love the card though, you are so clever!