Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sew Unbelievable!

I am not a seamstress! I am not a homemaker, I am not a domestic goddess. I am a little girl with big ideas, zero patience and a “slapdash” approach (that last one courtesy of my A-level Art teacher!) but I have made this:
Yeah, ok as photos go its not much of a reveal but its a purse!
Based loosely on my old ‘coin purse’ (and improving on where I thought it failed me), its made from Crafty Computer Paper’s Printable Cotton, with my favourite design from Cosmo Crickets Garden Variety collection printed on to it. I cut it into A6 portions and sewed all four together to create an outer shell with three compartments. On the advice of various tutorials I tried to cover sheets in clear sticky back plastic but this wasn’t so successful, mainly cos I ran out and also cos it creased summat awful when I turned the project right side out after stitching. So I have a few lessons to keep in mind for mark two but for now I just want to see how long it takes to trash it (as I inevitably will)!

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