Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are You My Mummy?

I’ve wanted to make a tent card for ages and I’ve had these horrible oval aperture cards for even longer and suddenly inspiration struck!
I liked the idea of a washing line, altho when I did a bit of research all of the designs seem to be new baby (and we don’t need any more of those in my family thanku very much!). I printed off the papers from my digi stash, the props are made from cocktail sticks, coloured with alcohol inks. Oh and the twine and the cloud stamp are from the Simon Says Stamp kit (sick of that yet?).

Cute, huh?
I have a design in mind for another one so I’ll be doing this again but If I were to make it from scratch I would need to make the base wider, it just doesn’t seem in proportion somehow.
p.s. The post title is due to the fact I was watching The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances while cutting the letters out. Complete coincidence I promise!

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