Monday, February 13, 2012

A Lil Weekend Project…

DecopatchHouseWell… it was meant to be a weekend project but it only actually took me, well three & a bit episodes of Smallville actually so how long is that? Two hours? Not made my mind up about Smallville yet but I love that house! Really amazed by how easy it was to do. I was a bit skeptical by the (badly translated) instructions on the packet of Decoptach paper which told me to tear the sheets into little bits but the pattern still really works and you can’t see (unless u look REALLY closely) where I’ve torn it.

I can’t find any before photos but it was originally black metal (a halloween decoration from TK Maxx) and I had tried to colour it with various spray inks and mixes of cosmic shimmer, water and alcohol but it wasn't really successful. Unfortunately this first attempt led to some of the colour transferring to the design but luckily it kind of adds to it.

This was one of those about-to-nod-off ideas, probably inspired by the veritable success Helen over at Fiddle Fart has with Decopatching almost everything in sight so I took myself off to Hobbycraft to find Decopatch was on 3 for 2 – which is the good news… the bad news is I bought three packets of the same design, not knowing how much I would need and this didn’t even take one full packet… Now I just need to decide what to do with the trees…


  1. Oh I say..........something quite different!
    Love it!