Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOYWW 110 – What Of Your Windy Wedding?

Hmm, yeah ok I could’ve done better there but I do intend to make this post all about THE wedding and it was a fairly windy day. This is gonna be picture heavy, guys, if thats no good for your browser, please look away now!

Now before you get all excited, it wasn’t my wedding – in fact it wasn’t even a member of my sprawling family, I commented to my friend that it would be the my first day out in a loooonnnng time where I wouldn’t be referred to as Aunty Jody!! – it was the long awaited wedding of a good friend of mine who let me bully her into making things for it! You may remember I asked your advice on the invites all those many moons ago, finally settling on this design (below,left):


The theme of the cupcakes came from the happy couple’s decision to go for a stack of cupcakes rather than a traditional tiered cake.
I sourced a number of images while I was making the samples and they plumped for a similar design for the order of service booklets (above, right) …I wonder if anyone noticed?!

We toyed with the idea of making cupcake shaped favours for the tables but in the end economy won out and she stuck to organza bags filled with sweets. The tables also had gorgeous Victorian style sweet jars filled with traditional sweets which lent their names to identifying the tables:

And there was a fair bit of bartering going on between the tables too!

Sticking to the theme of sweets – and its not the first time I’ve been told I’m hard to buy for -  look what was delivered on the Friday before the big day. A complete surprise, I was so chuffed:

and in return, my gift to them was born from an idea of recycling the extraneous materials I’d collected during the make but ended up being made from scratch with the help of Robo Cop (right).

I also made the table plan and the name cards (complete with the individuals menu choice on the reverse which proved handy!) but of course I forgot to photograph them so I’ll leave u with some shots from the day…
The Happy CoupleThe Bride & Her Maids
Me & My Plus One, lolThe Bride & Me
Thanks for looking & happy WOYWW!


  1. Fantastic! I love your wedding makes, and the sweetie jars sound like a brilliant idea. And what exactly will you be DOING with all those sweets??
    Helen S

  2. the wedding makes are fab, looks like it was a very special day :D
    Happy wednesday
    hugs Minxy x

  3. what a fab idea, and the photos are fantastic. What a dress - in fact, love all of them.

  4. I think your wedding invites were beautiful - the sweeties were well deserved !! xx

  5. How fab a day was that then Jody Jodpea - you looked gorgeous. Love the gift you made them, fab idea...and actually, love the theme of the wedding, how fun. And, erm, yum!!

  6. Gorgeous. Loads of lovely makes

  7. Fun, fun, fun! Love all the wedding makes and gorgeous photos, beautiful wedding location too.


  8. Lovely post - the wedding stationery is lovely. Cupcakes seem to be the in thing for weddings at the moment. I'm sure your gift will be a treasured reminder of their special day. The sweet hoard should last you forever! And, of course, the wedding photos are lovely. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #99

  9. Fabulous pictures and everyone looked gorgeous!!
    Happy Crafting
    HaPpY LaTe WoYwW


  10. The wedding makes are wonderful, love those little cupcake sticks, beautiful photos from the wedding.

  11. Gorgeous wedding! Beautiful stationery and cupcake thingies too. Great job!!