Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Once I'm not late!

My mom told me I was born earlier than I was due... the first & last time I'd ever be early! Punctuality ain't my strong point but thanks to the freebie from Design House Digital and Wonderland's White Rabbit I've actually managed to produce a card on time for the Daring Cardmakers challenge!

Not sure the coloured card blank exactly enhances the design but T minus 3 days til I can empty my bank account at the NEC n stock up!

Daring Cardmakers - Going Postal


  1. I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful card with Daring Cardmakers.

    Lynda xxx

  2. I love this card so yummy.. I have read all four Harper conelly books they are written by Charlaine Harris just incase I have my wires crossed??the first one is Grave sight, the second Grave suprise, the third, An ice cold grave and the fourth Grave secret. The last two were the best so if you havent read the last one it is the finale and the best.
    Love and bugsxxxxxx