Sunday, January 02, 2011

Named & Shamed?

Today I went on a trip down memory lane with a lil jolly to Wombourne and more specifically Sunrise Crafts. Not the poshest looking place from the outside, its easily the most well stocked craft store I've found in this vicinity... n it had v efficient, if localised, heaters! Anyways I managed to spend most of my cards-people-have-bought-from-me fund on Cosmic Shimmer Mist, a Versamark pad & some stamps. Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine have an article on emboss resist which is something I've not got much of a result with so far so I tried picking Loraine's brain on the subject and she decided to show me up, lol! So I thought I'd better show n tell my afternoon of experimentation:

This last one actually looks better on the photo than it does in the flesh! I think it needs something else, a butterfly perhaps?

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  1. Wow! See you can do it, those look fab and your shimmers are gorgeous.