Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wahey, my first blog award!

The rules for this award are to thank the sender:
List 3 things that I like about myself:
Oh jeez, thats a toughie... my ankles! um... my creativity n my wit when it doesnt let me down!
and forward to 7 other bloggers:
Well I've only got eight followers! Ooh wait its says nine now, have I got a secret admirer?! But I guess they already like me so I oughta try n make some new friends, lol... So:
SJ, Loraine, Julia, Spyder, Mary Anne, Darcy, Alison

Ok, to business! I've finally completed one of the many mini books that were littering my desk a few weeks back. For my sister in laws birthday, I chopped one of them in half and created an handbag friendly sized brag book, a third full with photos of her oldest daughter leaving two thirds for the twins she is expecting at the end of the year...

 And to complement it, a sunflower easel card, my first attempt at a non-square easel card, to go with it:
I have Loraine (two mentions in one post, my dear!) to thank for this for the stampin' up card we made the other week of which I said looked like a sunflower and she claimed the resemblance wasn't intentional so I decided to make one that was!


  1. How cute that sunflower card is and your mini album has turned out so very well!

  2. great album, makes a fab gift, she will love it. Gorgeous card, I adore sunflowers, the petals are perfect.

    thanks for the award.x