Sunday, August 15, 2010

Choose Your Own Sentiment...

What do you make of this then? A friend of mine is goin in for his driving instructor exam this week and he is convinced that he will fail so driving home from work the other day my creative juices started to flow (lets face it, got nothing else to concentrate on, lol) and I realised there were quite a lot of similarities between the words 'congratulations' and 'commiserations' (had to write them down when I got home to be sure) and lo a spinning card was born!
Its meant to be a steering wheel from a Bugatti (which I'm assured is a posh car!) and I had a right palava with the text - always my downfall, sadly - so the letters ended up being vellum ones left over from Chrimble, with a mixture of freebie Papercraft Inspirations letters cos I was running out of certain letters.
As you can just about see, the circle at the back moves round to reveal your choice of sentiment and the prop on the base says "on the result of your test!" (which it belatedly occured to me sounds slightly medical!)

I'm not that happy with it, but it went thru so many redesigns, its amazing it actually ever got made! I added a bit of comedy to the rear to distract from the awfulness - I just hope he likes it!


  1. Hi, well as a qualified driving instructor in my past life I can say that hopefully it will be Congrats!! Super idea though and I hope he likes the humour in it!

    The next exam for him will be the hardest one so good luck with that one also!

    Keryn x

  2. This is a very clever idea - love your play with words.

  3. What a brilliant idea. Hope it was congratulations in the end?