Sunday, September 02, 2012

Anniversary Entanglements

I am pretty ingenious, even if I do say so myself.

Its my parents wedding anniversary tomorrow. I’ve moaned, whined and complained often enough that they just about know better than to bring a shop bought card into the house, so of course they both asked me to produce a card for the other… which got my brain whirring – could I create two cards that would somehow coordinate with each other? Of course I could!

My dad is an avid jigsaw… um, putter-togetherer and when he has one on the go, we generally all end up having a go so the theme of jigsaw pieces became my starting point:



“To my puzzling husband” – you can take that however you like!

And where is the genius-ous-ness, I hear you ask? Here:


Pretty clever, huh? <huffs on nails and rubs against t-shirt>

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  1. Were they impressed? I know I am and LOVE the captions!