Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Name Is Not Brian…

…and I don’t shop at Money Supermarket, but my weekend is turning out to be fairly EPIC!

On Friday, I got to see my favourite comedian of the last 12 months Tim Minchin and thanks to some friends we made in the car park we got to be this close to him with little or no effort on our part:


Plus after a promise of torrential rain at our outdoor picnic/gig, the weather turned out all evening like this:


And then tonight, having already convinced the chief cook and bottle washer to get a takeaway Chinese, I am catching up with my emails and blog roll and lo and behold I get a showCASe mention from the Less Is More challenge blog!

LIM showcased

I really don’t ‘do’ less is more or clean and simple in any aspect of my life so this honourable mention is even more astounding. What a shame the queen has already released her honour roll, eh?!

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