Monday, April 18, 2011


Ordinarily a water mark on an image I'm trying to ahem, 'recycle' would annoy me but when it comes to pinching inspiration from peoples blogs, water marks come in useful weeks later when I have to confess that I can't remember where I got this image from (left).

Anyway, it inspired me to head to the veritable treasure trove that is B&M Homestores to track down a cheap clock. I managed to find a reduced one that was basically a round plank of wood with the clock screen printed on it. So I covered it and added some Robo Cop'd shapes to the theme of the little boys bedroom who was about to turn three and hey presto!
His Grandma, on seeing this (Her: "You are clever, aren't you?" Me: "Yep!") promptly asked me to make one for her other grandson who's birthday is this week, to the theme of Toy Story. Apologies if this is breaking a million copyright rules but you can't sue me, I aint worth anything!!

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