Saturday, March 17, 2012

Huts Mon!

… or should that be ‘mom’ seein as this is destined as a Mothers Day card? Either way its a bad pun, I know.


I was inspired by this weeks Case Study challenge, a lovely card by Laura Bassen. I know hers aren’t meant to be but I immediately thought of beach huts when I saw it and I know my mom loves beach huts so I decided to give it a go.

It started out as five, then begrudgingly four like the original card but then my printer had to have its say and only three of the patterned papers came out the right colour so the decision was made for me.

I’m not sure about the twine, if I’m honest. Its meant to represent the sand and the sea but I think maybe there is too much there. We’ll see what Mommy thinks tomorrow, eh?


  1. Oh I like that and the twine is great. Remember 3, 5, need for 4!

  2. Those huts are fabulous!
    Thanks for joining us on CASE Study this week :)